Finance applications that work for you

Finance applications that work for you

October 5, 2020 | 4years | Business Software

Today we cover a new application that we have available that integrates into your existing finance and mail applications to take the stress out of cashflow. We can even give a free demonstration using your companies own data so you can see exactly how it will work for you!

With Satago you can cover cashflow gaps, manage debtors and predict credit risks all in one easy-to-use product.


Connections to the leading accounting software allowing you to unlock cash from unpaid invoices with flexible financing. Get cash advances on one or more invoices and optional bad debt protection and quick approval. With insights showing risk levels of new and existing customers and average payment times allowing you to see behind the curtain before deciding credit limits for new customers.

Stop chasing invoices by Automating invoices and reminders and make getting paid hassle-free, the software integrates with your own mailbox to keep that personal touch. Also send monthly statements and thank you emails, with customisable messaging schedules for each client helps you build and maintain a good relationship and encourage better payment habits.

Real-time credit insight on new and existing customers to empower business decisions, with notifications when customers risk level changes and protect yourself from bad debts. set custom alerts when payments become overdue or when invoices are eligible for finance storing notes on individual clients so everyone is always up to date.

With the current restrictions on our life many staff are still working from home and Satago is perfect for remote working. This cloud-based software allows you to manage your finances wherever you choose. Whether that’s in an office, on the sofa, or even on the move.


If you are interested in using this great software package or would like a free demo with your own data, please contact our technology team on 01563 545977 or use our contact form