Is Managed Print Services (MPS) For You?

Is Managed Print Services (MPS) For You?

April 11, 2019 | 5years | Copiers and Printers

Traditionally, companies would have to buy numerous printers, scanners and photocopiers for different departments, and more often than not, for individual office rooms as well. Once these were installed, it would usually be the IT department who would take responsibility for the upkeep of these machines, including ordering ink, toner and cartridges. They would also need to ensure that the software is up to date and the printer hardware is maintained to the highest of standards. This can take time and effort that sometimes an internal IT department cannot consistently commit to.

Managed Print Services (MPS) allows for a different, more comprehensive approach. This approach delivers through one complete service, rather than through a variety of separate products. The management of printing services allows for outsourcing from one singular company who also handles restocking, maintenance and advice/support. It enables a specialist team to look after your printing needs, so you don’t have to.

Below are three of the main benefits to MPS which you should consider when weighing up the Print Services options for your business:

Being in Control of Cost

The key purpose for implementing MPS is to keep overall costs down. MPS can do this by regulating how much print takes place on a daily basis, while also streamlining the purchases you make on paper, cartridges, ink, etc. This means that you won’t make any unnecessary purchases and have stocks of unused resources. Moreover, by reducing the amount of printers you have, means the less cartridges you will need to replace, which we all know can be an extremely costly task.

Being More Environmentally Friendly

MPS will allow you to move towards more Green Printing practices, which have a positive impact on the world around us. This is due to MPS and its ability to optimise your office’s paper usage, allowing the amount of paper used to be lower, and on par with the exact amount your business needs to function effectively.

Improving Printing Efficiency

Using the correct amount of paper improves the efficiency of your paper consumption. Rather than having a printer in every room in the office, where people can print things unnecessarily, one singular printer with a password, will keep printing to a minimum. Furthermore, printers in every room usually only service one or two people at a time. Whereas, if you have a large office, with one fully networked printer, then this can really make a difference to printing efficiency.

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