A Beginner's Guide to VoIP

A Beginner's Guide to VoIP

April 11, 2019 | 5years | Telecoms

So, what do we know about Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for short? In basic terms, VoIP refers to making phone calls over the internet instead of through a traditional phone line. The system works by taking the signals and tones within your voice, then converting them into data which crosses seamlessly across your broadband connection. Dependant on your provider, this means you won’t have to pay for how long your calls are; or even who you’re calling - regardless of where they are in the world, because it’s all included in one seamless phone bundle. Sounds pretty smart, doesn’t it? Well, it is! AND it could save you money too - Bonus! Plus, the person you’re calling doesn’t necessarily need to be using VoIP, the system will convert signals for compatibility with regular telephones too. 


VoIP systems feature everything your standard landline does, but better! And why’s that? For one, the system is cloud based, which means you’ll spend less on hardware and maintenance over its lifetime. This is because, traditionally, you would need a physical line installed every time you wanted to expand your phone network. With VoIP, it all goes over the internet, so you’ll never be limited. 


Secondly, cloud-based systems give you much more flexibility. You can pick and choose which features you want, and tailor your plans to fit your own specific business needs. Also, instead of being tied to your desk, you can use the features of your phone wherever you are: with your mobile phone or even your laptop. Hassle-free and reliable, you’ll never miss an important business call again. This is a great benefit to modern office life where employees are able to work from home; the seaside; or wherever they like really. VoIP systems go truly hand in hand with the growing number of people remote working. 


So, there we have it, the basics of why businesses look at VoIP systems as not only a better option, but a replacement for traditional telephone systems. If you would like to talk to someone about modernising your phone system, then contact one of our expert team today so we can find the perfect plan to suit your budget and needs.