5 Tips to Improve Your Website's Usability

5 Tips to Improve Your Website's Usability

April 11, 2019 | 5years | Digital

Landing on a website that is difficult to use is extremely frustrating and if your website is overly complicated or cluttered, visitors will become annoyed and may leave your site and not return.

For many, this can be the first impression of your brand which is just one of the reasons it is important to ensure your website usability is as good as it can be. Follow these quick ways to make your website more user friendly.

  1. Keep navigation simple and easy to follow

    When coming up with your sitemap and structure, it is important to keep the journey through your website as intuitive and simple as positive. Name each page appropriately and make sure that any sub navigation related to the main navigation.

  2. Make content easy to scan

    People read websites differently to words on paper, scanning the content quickly looking for the information they need. This is a quick process and they often go elsewhere after just seconds if they don’t find what they need. Here’s some quick tips to make your content more reader friendly:
    • Use subheadings to break up content
    • Put the most important content at top right hand side of the page
    • Highlight key points in bold
    • Use bullet points as opposed to long sentences where possible

  3. Keep your logo at the top left of the site

    Place your logo in the top left corner – it lets the visitor know who owns the site they are on and will identify your name with the content. The logo should work as a direct link to the homepage.

  4. Include contact information

    Make sure it’s easy for your website visitors to find your contact information. Place your phone number and/or e-mail in the top right corner or in the footer so that it can be seen on every page.
    Adding a contact form will allow potential customers fill out their basic information and submit an enquiry

  5. Go mobile

    It’s more important than ever for your website to be mobile, read about Google’s new algorithms that prioritise mobile friendly websites in search results.

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