ineoPRINT app connects iOS and Android devices

ineoPRINT app connects iOS and Android devices

April 11, 2019 | 5years | Copiers and Printers

Langenhagen, February 2014. Smartphones and tablets are increasingly becoming an indispensable feature of office life, but printing from iOS and Android smartphones or tablets still causes annoying compatibility problems. To meet the demand for a more mobile work style, DEVELOP offers ineoPRINT as a convenient mobile printing and scanning solution.

As work life becomes more mobile, meetings regularly take employees away from the PC at their workplace. But if they are forced to return to their desk to print or scan a document, much of the convenience and flexibility of working with a smartphone or tablet is lost. ineoPRINT, a free but feature-rich app from DEVELOP, ideally supports mobile work styles in a corporate environment by releasing employees from the ties of workplace-bound printing and scanning – irrespective of whether their mobile device is an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Convenient mobile printing

Once installed on an iOS or Android mobile device, the ineoPRINT app enables documents to be printed on a wide variety of ineo multifunctional devices via WiFi, providing the app is connected to the same network as the ineo devices. Moreover, the ineoPRINT app is perfectly easy to install, use and connect to an ineo device. That can be done in three different ways: manually, by entering the device's IP address (obtainable from an organisation's IT people); automatically, by selecting a device from a list of all the ineo devices in the network; and just as conveniently via the QR code scanning function for speedy discovery of the most convenient ineo device.

Scanning, cloud and format support

The ineoPRINT app is also idea for scanning documents from an ineo multifunctional device to an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet. Here again, the connection is via WiFi and the app also offers the user the chance to preview the scanned document. ineoPRINT will also connect up to all the main cloud storage providers, e.g. iCloud, Google Drive™, Evernote®, Microsoft Office 365 and Dropbox™. What's more, ineoPRINT also supports all the common office file formats, e.g. MS Office, PDF and JPG, as well as various finishing settings on ineo multifunctional devices.

More freedom and flexibility

Undoubtedly the biggest benefits ineoPRINT brings are the flexibility of a truly mobile work style and the greater freedom in managing documents in the most common office formats. By freeing employees to print documents on demand at any time and from anywhere in an office building, ineoPRINT helps to boost productivity by loosening the chains of workplace-bound printing and scanning.