Social Media DONT's

Social Media DONT's

April 11, 2019 | 5years | Digital

We recently showed you our top tips for social networking for your business, but what about the things you should avoid doing?

1. Don’t oversell

It’s a really easy mistake to make, but don’t push your brand too hard. Remember to share some content that provides value to the readers and don’t be overly promotional!

2. Don’t post too much at once

Try and schedule your posts so that you are not posting too much in a short time. This can lead to people un-following you or even overlooking your posts. Analytic tools for your social media pages (such as Facebook insights) will tell you when most of your followers are online and so you can decide the best time to post.

3. Don’t respond unprofessionally

Always, always, always be polite and respectful – even if you’re not at fault. It is much easier to smother them with kindness than to do damage control later on.

4. Don’t overshare

If you let some personality shine through it can be a great way to start conversations and encourage engagement. However, be careful as there is a thin line between engaging and sharing too much.

5. Don’t forget to display social media buttons on your website

Make it easier for your website visitors to find you by including social media buttons.
A huge percentage of all website traffic now comes from social media platforms. By providing your clients with more ways to connect with your business, you are creating brand awareness and exposure that will enable your business to grow online.

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