Age old marketing into the new age

Age old marketing into the new age

April 11, 2019 | 5years | Digital

With the endless supply of email marketing how can your business stand out from the crowd? Active Office has 6 quick tips to stay ahead of competitors without annoying your customers.
  1. It might sound obvious, but make the subject line interesting.

    This is your first viewing opportunity, so make a strong impression. Most of the time, readers will decide to click on or delete your message based on the subject line. Let them know what your email is about but keep it brief!

  2. Again it may be obvious, but it is essential that your email can be read on any device.

    A study from last year showed that more than 45% of emails are opened using mobiles! It is not such a shocking number considering we are in the age of the Smartphone. Naturally, people will multitask and look for ways to conduct business and save minutes of valuable time. Format your emails for your customer or clients ease of access and to fit their mobile templates. To find out how click here.

  3. Know your target market

    You have to observe them and use any analytics tools you have to get to know your audience better. This way, it is easier to structure your emails in ways that are sure to appeal to your consumers. For example Are the click through and opens more frequent during weekends or weekdays? At night or during the day? What time at night – 8,9,10?
    Information like this is valuable to your business so you know which angle and method is most hard-hitting and effective in turning marketing into money.

  4. Make sure it represents your brand

    Make sure what you’re saying and how you’re saying it is “you”. Find a balance between words and images and display them in a way so your consumer will scroll through the whole email. Find images, fonts, colours that are suited to your brand and easy on the eye. Pattern them after your company’s theme or motif to further reinforce your brand.

  5. Be creative

    Make the reader want to open the email with the promise of promos or coupons once in a while or inject some humour and interesting games that are connected to your product. Also incorporating digital technologies such as an animated display or video enables interaction and a lasting memory for the reader.

  6. Join it up

    Finally, in order to have a strong online presence and to ensure email marketing will be effective why not incorporate your social networking platforms. We provide social media account set up, training, branding, management and strategy that enables your business to start generating revenue from the most popular marketing platforms available.
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