Social Networking for Business Tips

Social Networking for Business Tips

April 11, 2019 | 5years | Digital

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest have become an essential tool for creating an online presence for your business.

A massive percentage of all website traffic now comes from social media platforms. By providing your clients with more ways to connect with your business you are creating brand loyalty and exposure that will enable your business to grow online.

Here are our top tips, direct from our digital marketing team to help you get started on Social Media:

1. Choose which social networks to use

As tempting as it is to promote your company through every social network, not all channels are appropriate for all businesses. As a starting point, consider which networks your clients use and why – three social network channels are usually enough to start with.

2. Use incentive to build and increase your following

One cost-effective promotional tool is to provide incentives for followers to like/follow your page or retweet/share your comments. The incentive should be relevant to your target market – for example, a give-away of one of your products or services.

3. Think about frequency

Take time to think and plan how frequently you update your social networks, be careful not to annoy your audience. As a guide, look at how often your competitors are posting and how much their content is being shared. Sometimes less is more.

4. Don’t just post, interact too

Social networks give you a communication channel to interact and build relationships with customers and potential customers. If you receive a direct comment, make sure you respond – whether it is negative or positive.

5. Join everything up

If you blog, make sure you post a link to each blog on your social media channels. For example, LinkedIn is a great place to share business related material or if you’re into current affairs then Twitter is for you. Try to share different content on different social networks and then invite your followers to view one from another.
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